Dr. Ali Griffith presents
The Elite Legacy Mastermind
For the woman who knows it takes a village to grow a business.
Guidance from a table of experts who have been where you are now, and who know how to make it work.
Support from a community of can’t-stop, won’t-stop women to celebrate your progress and hold you accountable. 
Results borne of simplified strategic frameworks that will change every aspect of not only your biz, but your life.
You’re the woman who has tried everything to grow her business. 
From online courses to freebie downloads to every marketing book at your local bookstore, you’ve seen it all. You’ve gone around in circles—you’ve been everywhere, you’ve met everyone, you’ve tried everything

And each time you try something new, you get your hopes up. You think, “Okay, this is the ONE framework, the ONE expert, the ONE guide that will make my dreams come true.” You invest so much time, energy, and enthusiasm into each new endeavor that it’s that much more devastating when it doesn’t work out. 

Because, as much as you hate admitting it, none of it has worked. Not really. Each new method you try to master makes you think you need to pack up what you’ve already built and start all over. But the methods and jargon you keep trying to learn are so overcomplicated, so convoluted, you end up feeling more lost than ever. And to add insult to injury, you’re still not seeing the results you want. 

So, you give up—on your potential, your ambition, your dreams, yourself. That is, until you find a new solution promising to be the ONE thing you need to make it happen. 

It’s a vicious cycle, and going through it again and again has left you defeated, exhausted, and more doubtful than ever. 

But you have the power to escape. 
What’s the missing piece?
You’ve read sale pages for business growth programs before—more than you care to count. So I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Here’s the part where Dr. Ali presents some unicorn solution to all my problems that I’ll try for a month, then get confused about and give up on.

Trust me, I get it. I get feeling jaded by all the overcomplicated entrepreneurial tools that advertise being the ONE end-all, be-all fix for your biz. So I hope you’ll stick with me long enough to allow me to show you: that’s not what I’m doing here.

I’m here to point out the underlying issue of everything you’ve tried so far.

Do me a favor, okay? Go back to the top of this sales page and read everything again for me. (Trust me on this.)

What’s the word that sticks out the most to you?

I’ll tell you what word sticks out to me: “ONE.”

ONE framework.

ONE method.

ONE solution.

ONE person.

And just like that, there it is: your missing piece.

You’re looking for a quick fix—but the truth is, there are no quick fixes when it comes to your biz. What’s more, you’re focusing on ONE person—yourself. Somehow, you’ve convinced yourself that you have to do everything alone.

It’s not your fault—we hear this myth so much in our society. We glamorize that “bootstraps” mentality—pushing through and doing everything by yourself, without help from anyone else.

But the thing about the bootstraps myth no one ever mentions is… those people didn’t have a choice. They had to do everything by themselves.

You don’t.

You have the option of getting help. Of asking for support. Of connecting with others who are going through the same struggles as you. And once you say YES to that option, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the changes start coming.

So, full transparency: Yes, I do have an offer for you today.

But I’m not advertising ONE quick fix for your business—because that quick fix doesn’t exist. How could there be one cookie-cutter method that works for you, when you’re so unique?

And I’m not saying there’s ONE person who can get you the results you want—because that person doesn’t exist. It’s not an expert, it’s certainly not me, and it’s not even you.

You want the truth? When it comes to building and launching a successful biz, it takes a village. 

And that’s exactly what I’m offering you today. 

Forget finding your unicorn.
Find your village instead.

Maybe the old-school business books glorify doing it all by yourself. I’ll let you in on a secret: Those books were all written by men

Us women, on the other hand? We do things differently—because we know the power of working together. 

We know that when we support each other and lift one another up, we have the power not only to reach our goals, but to exceed them beyond what we ever thought was possible. That belief is the backbone of the Elite Legacy Mastermind: a groundbreaking community of can’t-stop, won’t stop businesswomen supported by expertise, fueled by strategy, and motivated by results. 

And today, I’m extending the invitation for you to join. 
Dr. Ali is the perfect blend of accountability, empathy, and compassion. She is a great listener and is adept at generating excellent ideas for taking your business to the next level. She is a teacher; not just through her words but by what she models for us in her own business.

If you are looking to be a better parent, a better entrepreneur or both, I cannot recommend Dr. Ali enough to help you navigate the wild ride!”

Erain Gordan
(Psy. D School Psychologist & Special Needs Mompreneur)

Wait a second… What IS a mastermind?
That’s a great question! Allow me to explain. 
You’ve seen a crew of rowers rowing a boat, right? Maybe during the summer Olympics, or while taking a walk by the river. Those boats aren’t tiny kayaks—they’re BIG. So big that it takes a whole team of people to get it across the water. 

Now picture if there were just one person trying to row that huge boat all by themselves. They wouldn’t get very far, would they? 

If your business is a boat, you’ll move it a lot easier with a team to help you. That’s the philosophy behind a Mastermind: that we can move farther, faster, together
Still confused? I’ve got you. 
A Mastermind group IS:
  • A combination of brainstorming, coaching, education, and peer accountability support within a group setting to help you sharpen your personal and business skills.

  • A chance to set ambitious goals and to design a plan to carry them out—and to be held accountable by others, so you actually stick to that plan.

  • A safe space for you to celebrate your successes OUT LOUD, and to move through your challenges with support and advice.

  • An opportunity for you not only to be supported, but to support—your experience and expertise is valuable, too!
A Mastermind group is NOT:
  • Group coaching. Although there are elements of coaching in a Mastermind, that’s not the focus. Instead, it’s all about working through your challenges in real time with a supportive group of peers.

  • A class or course. Sure, you’ll learn a TON in the Mastermind, but it’s more like a hands-on laboratory experience than a lecture.

  • A networking group. This isn’t the time or the place to brush elbows with powerful people who you think might be able to help your biz in the future—it’s about staying in the here and now with your fellow businesswomen. 
Move farther and faster with the Elite Legacy Mastermind.
Masterminds are hotbeds for genuine connection and catalysts for exponential growth. But what makes the Elite Legacy Mastermind so special compared to other Mastermind groups out there?

I’m so glad you asked.

You know that feeling of walking into a party where you don’t know many of the other guests? You’re holding your breath, afraid you won’t connect with anyone there. Maybe they’ll judge your interests, your upbringing, the way you’re dressed. Maybe you’ll feel like you have to hold your true self back in their company. And sometimes, that’s what happens. 

But sometimes, you walk into the party… and your soul breathes a sigh of relief. Somehow, you know on a deep and intuitive level that these are your people. You can be wholly yourself, without fear or guilt or shame. 

That’s what it’s like to join the Elite Legacy Mastermind. It’s the moment where you lower your shoulders without realizing they were hunched. It’s the feeling of releasing a breath you didn’t even know you’d been holding. It’s the intuitive knowledge that you’ve found your people. You probably already know what kind of people I’m talking about, but just in case, let me elaborate. 

To the rest of the world, the women who join the Elite Legacy Mastermind probably seem like walking contradictions. They’re ambitious, but nurturing. They’re competitive, but caring. They’re confident, but they doubt themselves. They’re focused on their goals, but they love to let loose and have fun. 

They probably look a lot like you. 

When you join the Elite Legacy Mastermind, you get to join this utterly unique family of badass women who are all looking for support in growing their biz. You get to celebrate their success and sympathize with their struggles. You get to explore and experiment with different strategies in real time. You get to challenge each other—and let me tell you, these women are not afraid to challenge you. You might not always like everything you hear from them, but I can guarantee you’ll grow from it. 

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Sure, you could—but moving a boat is a lot easier with a team beside you. 
It takes a whole team to row a boat, but it helps to have a leader. And in the Elite Legacy Mastermind, I’m honored to be your leader. 

I’ve spent nearly a decade working directly with seven-and-eight-figure coaches, influencers, and subject matter experts. I’ve seen firsthand what works and, just as importantly, what doesn’t work. I’ve figured out how to balance my own biz with all the other joyful pieces of my life, including being a mom to a child with autism. When you join my Mastermind, you get access to all that knowledge, because you get access to me. 

But no matter how good my methods and lived experiences are, I know I’m not the only expert out there worth hearing from. That’s why the members of my Mastermind also get access to regular guest expert sessions. These are professionals from all walks of life, and they all have a treasure trove of wisdom to share as you build, launch, and nurture your business. With their guidance, you’ll plot a course of success for your biz.
I want you to think about every business course, book, and download you’ve tried to use in the past to grow your biz—and mentally throw them in the trash. 

I’m not saying they’re not useful for some people. But it’s hard to use a framework that was created by someone who doesn’t understand where you’re coming from. That’s where I can help. 

When I started my biz, I couldn’t believe how complicated everything seemed. I remember sitting at the table trying to keep track of everything, thinking, There’s GOT to be an easier way. 

Turns out, I was right—there WAS an easier way. I took all those overcomplicated processes and methods, and simplified them into streamlined, strategic frameworks specifically designed for busy mompreneurs. And now I’m on a mission to share it with business owners like you. 

When you join the Elite Legacy Mastermind, you’ll get access to all these frameworks—methods that will support you in every stage of building and launching your biz, from branding to marketing to sales. You’ll learn to speak the language of sales without sinking time and money into courses taught by people who don’t understand where you’re coming from. Plus, you’ll learn strategies for balancing running your biz with the rest of your very real and vital life—because investing in your dreams doesn’t mean turning your back on the people you love. 

I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned through my years of experience. Are you ready to receive it? 
A vibrant community of like-minded women. Flexible leadership from experts who have been there and done that. Simple business frameworks that you can easily slot into your busy life. All these components are great, but they don’t mean anything if they don’t bring tangible results you can see in your life—and in your bank account. 

Trust me, I get it. You’ve been everywhere and tried everything. You’re fed up with being patient, with waiting around to see the fruits of your labor. You’re ready for your life to change—in fact, you were ready yesterday

That’s the best part of the Elite Legacy Mastermind—the life-changing results. And there’s a good chance you’ll see them faster than you think. 

See, when you’re the only one deep in the trenches of your biz, it can be hard to pause, look up, and see how far you’ve come. But when you’re building your business in real time alongside a committed group of peers, it’s way easier to not only get your results, but to recognize them. 

The other women in the Mastermind will hold you accountable to your goals and celebrate the milestones you hit, allowing you to expand at a rate you never thought was possible. And once you start seeing those results and getting more time and freedom in your life? It creates a positive feedback loop encouraging even MORE growth. 

All you have to do is start. 
Since participating in Dr. Ali's Academy, I have been more confident in presenting myself and my business on social media. It has made me more willing to offer live functions and understand that the goal is to just keep doing what I do.

Success is not overnight, but with consistency success will happen on both a large and small scale. I also started to coach my own individual clients.

My coaching clients are very pleased with their results in working with me. I would have never tried to coach anyone if Dr. Ali hadn’t suggested it to me. She believed in me and saw that I am a capable person to help change the life of many.

Dusty Muhammad
(Autism Mom & Teacher)

What a 1-year Elite Legacy Mastermind looks like
At this point, you might be saying, “Okay, Dr. Ali, this all sounds great—but I’m a practical woman. Give me the specifics.” I understand—this is your business, your money, and your life, and when you invest that, you want to know exactly what to expect.

Look no further. Here’s all the details on what you get when you invest in yourself and join the Elite Legacy Mastermind.

  • Weekly small group accountability masterminding sessions, so you can actually reach the goals you set—and help others reach their goals, too.

  • Monthly hot seat virtual sessions, so you can get strategic recommendations custom-tailored to your specific business.

  • Monthly guest expert sessions, so you can benefit from the wisdom and experience of people who have been where you are now—and made it work.

  • 1 Deep Dive Initial Planning session with Quarterly 1:1 private virtual sessions with Dr. Ali, so you can receive clear next steps profitable strategies from a highly respected business expert,  on your biz goals and personal growth.

  • Full access to Dr. Ali’s Launch Your Legacy Brand Academy and Legacy Launchers programs, so you can add every possible asset to your toolbox.

  • Access to our private Facebook group, so you can socialize and troubleshoot with your fellow members in real time.

  • One all-inclusive retreat in Aruba so you can meet your fellow members in person and continue to work and socialize while enjoying the beautiful landscapes like water, trees and sand.

  • (1) Live/ Virtual event access seat
Stop going in circles, and start moving onwards and upwards—with a brilliant community aside you.
Join the Elite Legacy Mastermind TODAY for $14,997
Dr. Ali has been one of the master volunteers, trainers and coaches on my campus and now she’s available for the world. She has spent the time in the trenches learning how to be an effective, valuable, and result producing coach.

She continues to help women to tap into their core passion, power, and perseverance.

So, if you want massive results in your life, and you’re ready to live your dreams, while supporting your child to live and stand in their own power and own their dreams? If you don’t want to wait for the next three to five years, then get a coach that can get you there, that can take you there and that will walk with you while you get there.

Lisa Nichols
(Motivational Speaker, Coach, & Mentor)

Meet Dr. Ali Griffith
Dr. Ali Griffith is a #1 bestselling author, global transformational speaker, and startup business coach. Her fiery energy and innate understanding of business strategy has allowed her to share stages and lead support teams with titans such as Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Steve Harvey, and Lisa Nichols. Her innovative approach seamlessly blends business strategy and personal development, allowing clients to maximize their time, talents, and profitability through a “One, Two, Three” method of simplifying overcomplicated processes. 
An audiologist and speech pathologist by profession, Dr. Ali is trained to hear people in order to feel them. And as a proud autism mom, Dr. Ali knows firsthand the unique mindset hurdles faced by ambitious mothers and caretakers. Whether they are wives, mothers, or career professionals seeking financial freedom, Dr. Ali helps women get to the heart of their true purpose in the world, and supports them on their journey from brand new to badass business owner. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Elite Legacy Mastermind right for me? 
The Elite Legacy Mastermind is designed for early-stage women entrepreneurs who are tired of trying to do everything themselves. If you’re a busy woman who’s looking for a supportive community as you balance following your unique ambition with your responsibilities to the ones you love, this is the group for you.
What are the prerequisites for joining the Elite Legacy Mastermind?
You don’t need fancy degrees or certifications to join the Mastermind. You don’t even need any business experience, period. What you DO need is an open mind, a willingness to learn, an ability to accept constructive criticism, a world of respect for your fellow businesswomen, and a heaping dose of faith in yourself. If you can bring all that to the table, you’ll be right at home.
How much does membership in the Elite Legacy Mastermind cost
Your investment for a year’s membership in the Mastermind is $14,997.
Is a payment plan available for my membership?
Yes a monthly payment plan is available.
Is my investment refundable?
Yes, your investment is 100% refundable within 14 days of purchase. Pro-rated credit towards other programs within Dr. Alisha Griffith, LLC. can be given with 1 year of full pay purchase only.
It’s time for the growth you’ve been waiting for.
The Elite Legacy Mastermind is a membership like no other. You won’t just learn from the experts—you’ll learn from your peers. You won’t just get marketing frameworks—you’ll see them in action in your own life. Best of all, you’ll finally see the results you’ve been reaching towards for so long—and you’ll have a whole village to celebrate with you when you do. 

So, are you ready to stop trying to go it alone… and join a life-changing community? 

Only you can decide